The Farm

Milk & Honey Ranch encompasses 54 acres of land. Our vision is to use our working farm and luxury accommodations to ignite a passion in our guests for one another and for creation through an unparalleled experience of fun, hands-on encounters, and education. We believe in being organically enriched and naturally balanced. We cherish our land, turning the soil minimally or not at all, nourishing it from the top down, and enriching our soil through vermiculture and worm tea. We also utilize aquaponics for a fast, efficient, and organic method of producing plant and fish crops—a unique and beautiful way of simply letting creation produce itself organically. We believe in treating our animals with the highest of love and care. We recognize that our animals make the ultimate sacrifice for our survival, so in return, we give them the best possible life we can. Our animals’ diets never include hormones or antibiotics.

Milk & Honey Ranch Map

Connect with Creation

We offer Farm Tours! Walk the grounds with us, hear the Milk & Honey story, and learn more about farm life and our aquaponics system. Don’t forget—you’ll experience our hands-on Animal Encounters! Milk & Honey Ranch is home to over 400 animals of 13 different species.

Get Involved

We challenge you to reimagine what life could be for our earth with your involvement. Get involved in making a difference in our ecosystem through various ways on our working farm.

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