Our Why

“We decided to make a massive change to our lifestyle and move from suburbia to build a farm from scratch! Even though we knew nothing about farming, we wanted our kids to know more than just technology and shopping. It made sense that by surrounding ourselves with God’s creation—promising to be producers instead of just consumers—it would bring us closer together, inspire deep gratitude, and result in something wonderful. Although it has not been easy, it has been greater than we ever imagined. We find great joy in sharing all we have learned with others and taking every opportunity to allow our guests to experience it for themselves.”

Owner Brent Phillips

Our Mission

Milk & Honey Ranch exists to help people reimagine what life is all about.

Our Story

In 2021, embarking on a mission to reimagine life, Milk & Honey Ranch was intended just for the Phillips family—a vision for a weekend getaway to escape city life. Brent researched hundreds of properties, but nothing felt right until he ran across a piece of land overlooked by others. On the market for over a year, its condition and the needed work were evident. But, as soon as he stepped foot on the ground, he fully envisioned what the land could be. A passion also ignited that it needed to be their permanent home and lifestyle—not just a getaway. It took the family a little while to buy into the permanent vision, but it was full steam ahead once they did.

The Dream Becomes a Reality

Brent began watching countless hours of YouTube videos, learning about farming to understand the task ahead. He began formulating a plan to make this dream a reality. Over the next several months, Brent spent many nights sleeping in his car at the Ranch to manage the multiple projects, bringing the Ranch to life. In one miraculous year, construction was complete!

Sharing the Blessings

Time has proven that this crazy idea was a blessing to the Phillips family. They thrived through connecting with Creation and with each other. But, although this wondrous place was built for a family to retreat and find solitude, God had a different plan.

Milk & Honey Ranch - Ranch Dog Bailey

The Phillips family realized the true blessing of Milk & Honey Ranch wasn’t contained in receiving and enjoying the gift for themselves only; it was in sharing the benefits with others.

- The Hotel, an empty attic space, became a beautiful guest house.
- The Cabin, initially intended for staff, became lodging for more visitors.

So began the passionate vision to use the Ranch’s working farm and luxury accommodations to ignite a passion in our guests for one another and creation through an unparalleled experience of fun, hands-on encounters, and education.

Milk & Honey Values

What we believe and how it affects the way we run the ranch

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Surround yourself with God’s creation to experience closeness with family, gratitude for your blessings, and passion for change.

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Prioritize intimate relationships with family and God’s creation, allowing the perfect atmosphere for connection.

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True rest begins with developing a deep gratitude for the people and blessings you’ve been given in your life.

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The best way to reenergize is through a fun atmosphere full of laughter and options for every activity level.