Milk & Honey Ranch is a beautiful and unique getaway that combines the tranquility of farm life with the excitement of luxurious amenities and activities. Located just 15 minutes from Round Top/Brenham/Burton and a little over an hour from Houston and Austin, it’s the perfect place to escape the chaos of city life and enjoy a peaceful and memorable experience.

If you’re planning a visit to Milk & Honey Ranch and wondering what activities and amenities you can expect, here’s a guide to the top 10 things to do at the ranch:

1. Stay in Beautiful Lodging Options

Milk & Honey Ranch offers beautiful lodging options, including the Milk & Honey Cabin, situated right by the beautiful pond, tucked away in the trees. The cabin can accommodate up to 7 people in 3 bedrooms, and you can enjoy dining options at the cabin or at the pool area.

2. Enjoy Farm-to-Table Meals

One of the highlights of Milk & Honey Ranch is the farm-to-table meals that are prepared with fresh ingredients from the farm. Guests can enjoy delicious and healthy meals that are prepared by the talented on-site chefs.

3. Play on the Multi-Sport Court

The multi-sport court at Milk & Honey Ranch is a guest favorite and provides a fun and exciting way to stay active during your stay. You can play basketball, volleyball, pickleball, and other games on the court.

4. Relax on the Sand Volleyball Court

The sand volleyball court is another great way to stay active while enjoying the beautiful scenery at Milk & Honey Ranch. It’s a perfect activity for groups or families to bond and have some fun.

5. Work out at the Fully Equipped Gym

For fitness enthusiasts, Milk & Honey Ranch has a fully equipped gym that is available to all guests. You can work out and stay in shape during your stay.

6. Snack on Bottomless Candy and Snacks

The bottomless candy and snack room at Milk & Honey Ranch is a guest favorite and provides endless treats and snacks for those with a sweet tooth.

7. Relax at the Resort-Style Pool

Milk & Honey Ranch has a stunning resort-style pool with a hot tub, cabanas, and towel service. It’s the perfect place to relax and soak up some sun while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

8. Enjoy Water Activities at the Blue Pond

The beautiful blue pond at Milk & Honey Ranch is perfect for water activities, including jet skiing, paddleboarding, and canoeing. It’s a great way to explore the beautiful scenery and have some fun.

9. Grill at the Beach Club

The beach club at Milk & Honey Ranch is a beautiful area with decks, grills, and fire pits. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a cookout with family and friends while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

10. Explore the Outdoors

Milk & Honey Ranch has a lot to offer when it comes to exploring the outdoors. You can hike on the scenic trails, go fishing, and have fun with the animal encounters. It’s a great way to reconnect with nature and make some lasting memories.

In conclusion, Milk & Honey Ranch offers a wide variety of activities and amenities that cater to every guest’s interests. Whether you’re looking to relax, stay active, or explore the outdoors, there’s something for everyone at Milk & Honey Ranch.

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